Port security in accordance with the requirements of the Port Security Act

Security in the port is a profession in its own right and therefore requires the necessary expertise. Port security is carried out by professionals who are specialized in working in the port. Our port security officers know exactly what the port facility looks like and how it can be secured as optimally as possible. In addition, they have knowledge about people's behavioral patterns and they know how to act in threatening situations. In some cases it is necessary to search people and search ship's stocks. The port security officers therefore act immediately as soon as suspicious goods have been identified. Would you like to know more about port security and what it looks like in practice? Contact us without obligation! We offer you a tailor-made security solution.

What does port security mean?

Is it still difficult to see in concrete terms what port security can mean for you? We can imagine that because the duties of a port security officer can be very broad. Nevertheless, the following tasks give an idea of what a port security officer can do for you. First of all, the port security guards supervise all vehicles entering the port. Of course, all these vehicles have been checked. It also supervises all activities that are carried out in the area, such as the jetties. As soon as a specific danger threatens, the port security officer has knowledge of the tools and regulations to counteract security risks. The port security officer has up-to-date knowledge about risk management and knows how to apply this in practice. Would you like to discuss how port security can be adapted to your needs? Contact us!

Port security is essential to fight crime

Did you know that ports are often a target for crime or terrorism? By deploying port security you can prevent the port from becoming a target. It is not just about acting proactively when there is a threatening situation. We consider it all the more important to also take preventive measures to protect the port against crime. Based on the applicable laws and your needs, it is determined how the security will be shaped. We pay a lot of attention to potential threats. Prevention is better than cure is our motto. Did you know that in addition to our services in the field of port security, you can also contact us for healthcare security and object security ? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.