Object security

Object security  is an important part of any company to ensure safety during and outside office hours. The object security officers of International Security Menagament Services  BV are available 24/7 for security, porter and reception services. They monitor and signal situations that could potentially cause damage over time. At International Security Menagament Services  BV we mean by object security:

  • Object security tailored to your wishes

  • 24/7 object security at any desired location

  • Certified by the Ministry of Security and Justice

Wonder if  object security  is right for your business? Contact us. We are happy to provide you with a tailor-made security solution.

event  Security

our  Event Security Services
ISMS   secures large and small events such as trade fairs, sporting events, festivals and parties, all with an eye for hospitality. Watch the ISMS corporate film here to immediately get a good idea of our services.
Creating a safe living environment is our primary task. We do this together with you and with our energetic event security officers and friendly service employees. Every event has its own risks, which we are happy to take care of. Whether you want striking security or unobtrusive, ISMS thinks along with you.

Security Surveillance

Camera Surveillance

As a qualified Security Guard I have extensive experience and specialized know-how. I believe that my attention to detail and ability to accommodate each client's unique needs set me separately.

 High level dog security 

Dog security is very effective in many places
Guarding and security with dogs is often used at events where many people are gathered or on other temporary security projects. Dog protection is very effective on large industrial sites and on objects with an increased risk. The police dog uses its very sensitive senses. The professional dog handler brings mastery and control with his analytical skills and must have a perfect feeling for the right mix of prevention and repression. The dog handler can keep the police dog under control in all circumstances, even if he is confronted with disturbers or lawbreakers.

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